French Revolution Vs Russian Revolution Essay

French Revolution Vs Russian Revolution Essay-79
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The contribution of French revolution in creating worldwide awareness of democratic ideas, and creating the will to fight oppression, is invaluable.

After the French revolution happened no monarchy in Europe was in a position to take their power for granted.

Remember that "Declaration" is just mere words, not connected to the reality.

We talk about late XIX - early XX centuries capitalism.

I do not think the Russian revolution could have happened and succeeded without the French Revolution first clearing the way for it.

By the late XIX-early XX century, it has became apparent that so-called democracy has become a rule of rich (the richer you are, the more of rights you have), laws defends the rich (I may give the quotes from Anatol Frank who isn't Russian) and exploitation of work force was really strong (now the exploitation is transferred to third world countries, so the western workers can temporarily enjoy much lower levels of exploitation - until Southeastern Asia econolics rise enough).

The French revolution resulted in a vacuum that allowed Napoleon...

The French revolution resulted in a vacuum that allowed Napoleon Bonaparte to become a dictator and the Russian Revolution allowed Lenin to become dictator.#6 draws a number of interesting comparisons, the most interesting of which to me is the way in which power was usurped by a charismatic individual.

Another thesis statement, depending on your evidence, could be about how each was inappropriately addressed by the ruling monarch.

Finally, a good thesis statement might be that each revolution was initiated by a group that was not able to maintain control and, eventually, was usurped by a charismatic individual (Napoleon and Lenin).


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