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Every time I see this disaster of a dissertation, I always think it should be signed Kent “The Yellow Dart” Hovind.It’s so hilarious that of all the Islamic countries he could settle on, he chose the country that rejects evolution the most. I read the first few chapters a while back, and the whole thing reads like it was written by a fifth grader who’s hastily doing Wikipedia searches and filling his paper with irrelevant crap to meet the word count limit.

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Thanks also for the photo of “Dr.” Hovind’s alma mater, which is a hoot. I may be mistaken, but it does seem to be syntactically invalid.

He could have used a semi-colon or dash instead, but comma there is wrong.

Cain’s efforts to “evolve” closer to God met with disaster.

The god of Mohammedism is not the God of the Bible by any stretch of the imagination. Because of this, the Islam religion accepts evolution very readily as a scientific fact because it fits so well with their teaching.

The place was packed to the rafters with Christians eager to gather ammunition to fire back at high school biology teachers.

The point was to arm the children and parents for the inevitable lies we were going to be told in science class.

Are you objecting to the use of quotation marks around the phrase “best evidence” or to the use of a comma after “that is”? See rule 9 here, rule 21 here, or the table in the middle of this page.

I don’t doubt that there are genuine errors of punctuation elsewhere in “Dr.” Hovind’s dissertation. @MKR Lukeprog isn’t talking about the comma *after* the phrase “that is”, but rather the comma *before* the phrase.

Erika” LMAO So much of his dissertation is plagiarized I think I could probably crank one out in a few days.

Maybe I could even use a program to generate part of the text! generate random text that contains on average the same words as the usual creationist stuff, and then just edit! Al, the original Dunning/Kruger paper was very informative and by itself it stands up well over the years since it was published.


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