Gap Year Essay

Gap Year Essay-63
A lot of students feel that they are not prepared to enter college.The pressure of immediately starting college also causes many students to choose majors despite not yet having figured out what exactly their interests are.

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In fact, studies show that students who take a gap year perform better in college than their peers who have not taken a year off.

Such students also report higher rates of job satisfaction.

A gap year enables students to save up Another benefit of taking a gap year is that it helps students save up for college.

The financial cost of college is one of the leading issues facing students. Paying the debt off can last from years to decades, and can have detrimental effects on people’s financial wellbeing and overall health.

A gap year allows students to expand their learning Although a gap year is spent outside of the traditional classroom, it can still be an extremely educational experience.

Many students who go on sabbatical, for instance, choose to work for companies or volunteer in organizations.Others choose to take advanced courses on subjects that interest them.Such experiences, in turn, allow students to gain so much learning.Commonly known as a “gap year,” this year-long sabbatical is often used to travel, work, or volunteer.Though by no means the norm in the United States, schools should begin adopting the gap year practice due to its many benefits.The gap year is a year-long sabbatical students take before entering college.During this time, a student may engage in a variety of pursuits including gaining work experience, traveling abroad, or volunteering.The transition from high school to college is a stressful time for countless American students.Apart from accomplishing all coursework in order to graduate, students are under great pressure to complete the application process and gain admission to college.Most students are free to choose how to spend their gap years, although some schools offer programs tailored according to students’ needs.For instance, prestigious schools such as Harvard, Georgetown, and MIT offer formal gap year programs to their incoming freshmen.


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