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People that are created through the natural process are considered "invalid".

With out being able to pick and choose the genes that are passed on to their children the human being becomes more susceptible to things like illness, mental illness, and have a much shorter lifespan than the "valids".

Diachronic Identity Bundle Theory Soul Continuity Split Brains Read: Dennett, Where Am I?

(R) Chapter 5 Thursday, June 18th, Personal Identity cont.7th Short Answer Due; Distribute 8th Short Answer Bodily Continuity Psychological (Memory) Continuity Fission Jill Bolte Taylor Read: Locke on Identity and Diversity Week Five: Monday, June 22nd, Personal Identity cont.8th Short Answer Due; Distribute 9th Short Answer Movie: Total Recall Discussion Tuesday, June 23rd, Free Will Wrap-up Discussion: Personal Identity Determinism La Place’s Demon Indeterminism Compatibilism Libertarianism Read: Handout: Hume, Selections from An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (R) Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 Wednesday, June 24th, Free Will cont.

Are our views rationally defensible or are they comfortable illusions?

We hold many commonsense views on the above topics.

I will stop the lecture and wait for you, and I will be less inclined to let everyone go a few minutes early. Academic Integrity You are all obligated to abide by the Rutgers Policy on Academic Integrity, which can be found at

This includes, but is not limited to, your obligation not to copy material off the Internet or from other students, and not to collaborate illicitly. Any student caught cheating will receive an automatic F for the course and be reported to the dean. As this class covers a lot of material, it is essential to do the readings.

Cook/Douglass Lecture Hall, Room 110 5/26/09 – 7/02/09 M/T/W/TH, a.m. Course Instructor: Angela Harper Office: # 140, Davison Hall (between the Douglass Student Center and the Co-op on Nichol) Office Phone: (732) 932-9861 ext. Problems from Philosophy will be available at Rutgers University Bookstore in the Ferren Mall (on French/ Albany St.) It may also be purchased online. Your participation will make the class more enjoyable for you, so please participate! Just direct your questions to me via e-mail, and I will do my best to ensure that they are answered. Classroom Behavior This class meets at a difficult time, namely breakfast time.

140 Office Hours: By Appointment Email: [email protected] Required Texts: Rachels, James. All other readings will be provided in electronic or hard copies. Course Description “Philosophy examines the fundamental assumptions we make about ourselves and the world we inhabit and tries to determine whether those assumptions are rationally defensible.” -Elliott Sober The purpose of philosophy is “to substitute articulate hesitation for inarticulate certainty.” -Bertrand Russell In this course we will be discussing the following traditional topics in philosophy: 1) God and Religious Belief 2) The External World: How can we know what it’s like? a) Personal Identity: What is required for you to continue to exist through time? I will allow eating in class, but please be courteous to those around you.


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  • Gattaca Philosophical Films

    Gattaca Like most movies this semester I had no idea this movie existed but I should have noticed this one. Gattaca was released in theaters the same day as I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Devil's Advocate, Kiss the Girls, and Seven Years in Tibet. They had poor timing with this one. I liked this film a lot.…

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    Name, read online gattaca movie assignment name answers pdf epub and kindle reading free gattaca movie assignment name answers read book online this is the best place to contact gattaca movie assignment name answers pdf book download pdf file size 19 86 mb since support or repair your product and we hope it can be unmodified perfectly gattaca,…

  • Gattaca - GATTACA Movie Assignment Name As you.

    GATTACA Movie Assignment Name As you watch the movie GATTACA answer the questions below. Next to each question number in parenthesis is the approximate time that the question is answered in the movie. Once you have viewed the entire movie answer the discussion questions at the end. This assignment will be graded. 1.…

  • GATTACA Movie Lab Questions - Name Name of Lab GATTACA movie.

    GATTACA Movie Questions Introduction GATTACA is a science fiction movie about a future in which genetic technology determines your success or failure. Using what you’ve learned about DNA and genetics from class answers the 12 questions below. Movie Questions 1.…

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    Watch this https// Gattaca F.u.l.l M.o.v.i.e 1997, Gattaca F.u.l.l M.o.v.i.e, Gattaca 1997 f.u.l.l m.o.v.i.e, Gattaca F.…

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    This is exactly what happens in the 1997 science fiction film, Gattaca, and this is. There are no solid correct answers to these questions, and so, instead of.…

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    Gattaca movie assignment answers Tuesday the 20th Nathan How to cite website in essay apa list of college admission essay topics pay someone to do your math homework research paper sample for college admission biblical topics for essay research papers.…

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    Gattaca movie essay question download on Caa2011-2free books and manuals search - gattaca movie assignment answer key. Gattaca Movie Worksheet Gattaca Corp. is an aerospace firm in the future. During this time society analyzes your DNA and determines where you belong in life. Gattaca movie discussion questions and answers download on.…

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    Process Max Gattaca Essay Conclusions. Gattaca assignment essay topics identity and belonging bombshells paper st bertrand de comminges expository essays. Essays homework for u aka a film text response do the advantages outweigh disadvantages of genetic page 1 zoom in depicting movie gattaca.…

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    Gattaca reflection questions FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. GATTACA Movie Assignment Name As you watch the movie GATTACA answer the questions below. Next to each.…

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