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The John Boswell Prize recognizes an outstanding book on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, and/or queer history published in English.

In this rich and densely researched book, Meeker explores how young women and men learned more about their homosexuality, particularly if they were living in small and isolated places where gays and lesbians were not openly visible or apparent.

It is a moving reminder of the generosity and interdependence that have sustained this field from its earliest days. Through a compelling series of case studies, The Straight State tells a story about the bureaucratic regulation of sexual and civic identities that are made problematic through their interaction with state actors and processes.

Canaday’s insights about how federal power made homosexuality increasingly visible over time are sure to inspire fresh directions in work not only in GLBT history, but on citizenship and state-formation in history and beyond. In Criminal Intimacy, Regina Kunzel combines cultural, social, and intellectual history to produce a work of grand scope and great originality.

Forming the core of the study, the author has unearthed 2,333 court cases of bestiality and same-sex sexuality from Sweden’s eight provincial archives and 84 of its 96 district courts – a massive achievement.

With great care and sober reasoning, the multi-lingual Rydström has detected important patterns in the evolution of modern sexuality, while he has delicately narrated lives hitherto beyond the pale of academic inquiry.


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