Gender Equality Essay Outline

Gender Equality Essay Outline-5
Social customs that force or encourage girls into early child bearing and teenage marriages have dangerous and direct consequences for their health.

Women are equally entitled to live in freedom as well as dignity form fear and from want.

Empowering women is an effective tool for reducing poverty and advancing development.

The discrimination specifically against girls and women- including economic discrimination, gender-based violence, harmful conventional practices and reproductive health inequities- remains the most persistent and pervasive form of inequality.

Moreover, girls and women bear extra hardship during, as well as, after conflict and different humanitarian emergencies.

When men and women enjoy equality, the direct outcome is an instant and stable growth in economy.

The educated and healthy women in a society are more supportive and accommodating towards their families and nations.

Gender Equality- An Established Human Right “Women make up roughly half the human population but are relatively marginalized compared with their male counterparts.” ( The gender equality has been accepted and acknowledged as human rights’ principles since the adoption of charter of United Nations in 1945.

Most of the international agreements such as ‘the Millennium Development Goals (2000)’ and ‘the World Conference on Human Rights (1993) have highlighted and stressed the grave need for nations to take appropriate actions against such discriminatory practices.

These limitations restrict the capabilities of women to improve their monetary and economic scenario.

(Zinn, 2005) Women are not represented appropriately at all levels of governments’ decision making in community, but specifically at national and regional levels.


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