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Global Studies majors (in conjunction with the Global studies advisor) will select a minor(s) that reflects their academic and professional goals, academic interests, plus enhance their degree and field of study.For examples, a minor for Global Studies may be topical such as History, Women's and Gender Studies, or Religious Studies; regional such as Middle East Studies, Latin American Studies, or Russian Studies; skill driven such as Organizational Communication, Entrepreneurship, or Political and Civil Engagement; or focused on language such as Spanish, French, or Japanese.Where there is the need-national, international, or intercultural-Global Studies students have the education and expertise to meet ever-changing global demands.

This 120-hour GSCG degree option allows students to pursue a "fast-track" B. in Global Studies and Human Geography while simultaneously earning credits toward dual teaching endorsements in Geography and one of three additional fields: History, Government (Political Science), and Economics.

S., Academic Map General Education requirements include Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences categories.

The following courses are recommended for this program and can satisfy the respective General Education requirement: Students will select one of the following fields of study: Global Human Diversity and Multiculturalism (for those students interested in aspects of culture), Global Governance and Commerce (for those students interested in government, global affairs, and commerce), and Global Gender (for those students with interest in gender from a global perspective).

Also offered are interdisciplinary minors in Global Studies and in Cultural Geography.

The Global Studies minor requires 18 hours and includes 9 hours in required courses and 9 additional hours selected by the student and advisor.


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