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Under pressure to produce, and unwilling to compromise his artistic ideals to meet the demands of the market, he struggles: For months he had been living in this way; endless circling, perpetual beginning, followed by frustration.A sign of exhaustion, it of course made exhaustion more complete.His wife gave him a startled look.'But you don't mean that it's necessary? You must feel lonely, now and then, during the day, and as we have plenty of room 'Emmeline took the matter seriously, but, being a young woman of some discretion, did not voice all her thoughts.

Under pressure to produce, and unwilling to compromise his artistic ideals to meet the demands of the market, he struggles: For months he had been living in this way; endless circling, perpetual beginning, followed by frustration.

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Clarence and Emmeline Mumford are in for a real treat when they take in the young, outspoken Miss Louise Derrick as their guest.

He gives up his job as a clerk and spends most of his earnings from writing on a European trip.

He then marries the socially ambitious Amy Yule, who is dazzled by his apparent literary talent.

At times he was on the border-land of imbecility; his mind looked into a cloudy chaos, a shapeless whirl of nothings.

Eventually, both Reardon’s health and his marriage collapse.

Against this they had set the advantage of the fine air of Sutton, so good for the child and for the mother, both vastly better in health since they quitted London.

Moreover, the remoteness of their friends favoured economy; they could easily decline invitations, and need not often issue them.

His subject matter was unrelentingly grim, his world view invariably pessimistic and his work lacked any hint of literary experimentation.

Perhaps, then, one might say he deserves to be forgotten.


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