Georgetown College Admissions Essay

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But none of Ernst’s conduct would become public until he was arrested in March on charges he accepted $2.7 million in bribes between 20.

He has pleaded not guilty to racketeering conspiracy.

Two nights ago after returning from a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I sat at my desk at around p.m., in an attempt to shorten the seemingly unending list of tasks I had to complete by the next morning.

An experienced studier, I could easily envision the order in which my assignments should have been undertaken: AP European History test, college applications, Bible reading quiz, math homework, etc.

Multifaceted people sometimes write multifaceted essays. Though there is always danger in having a blurry focus, an essay that encompasses a number of topics can work if the purpose is to show the various sides of an author's personality.

Alysa Hannon's essay, below, is packed with details.The final facet of my character is the most vague but most dynamic and to me, most telling.It is simply the accumulation of the quirks and nuances of who I have become over the course of seventeen years.It is I, the Bruce Springsteen admirer, the Jimmy Buffett parrothead, and the eternal hummer of those skillfully written hymns I can never seem to remove from my subconscious all day Sunday.It is my instinctive compulsion to say a silent Hail Mary upon hearing the drone of sirens and a quiet "God Bless You" after even the most remote sneeze.In forty years, I suppose that my laundry list of credentials will have been many times amended and my collection of stories to tell, tragedies and comedies, will be gorged.But I hope, given the opportunity, I will always choose to write the poem.I've described this process so that, to some small degree, you may understand how difficult it is for such an indecisive, meticulous person like me to choose a topic for what has been unconsciously labeled by my teachers, advisors, parents, and friends as the most important essay I will ever write.In my quest for the perfect subject, I have realized that my three-faced personality does not ameliorate the situation.(I'm relatively sure that both illuminating my indecision and disclosing my undiagnosed multiple personality disorder did not rank high on my college advisor's "Tips for Writing Your College Essay.") To speak bluntly, I assume three personas; no one is less truthful than the others and each has a parallel essay topic with which I toyed. "I have a 4.27 GPA." She is a perpetually working student, a basketball starter, and a good Catholic schoolgirl at heart.Those who see me as my résumé consider my quest for a perfect paper topic asinine.


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