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As a long-term goal, one of the important factors is really doing research and coming up with innovative ideas.

As a long-term goal, one of the important factors is really doing research and coming up with innovative ideas.

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This leads me to challenges I faced as I was applying for study abroad.

Aside from the high costs of studying abroad, I was also unsure how to incorporate classes that would relate to my major because my university does not allow me to take core accounting courses at an international university.

I mentioned earlier about my desire to explore different career paths—growing up, I have always had a passion for cooking and learning about various cuisines.

Though I am currently majoring in accounting, I do envision myself possibly opening a start-up in the food industry.

Studying this in South Korea will be a unique experience because the news media culture Is very different from New York’s.

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It will be interesting to explore the psychology behind Korea’s celebrity culture and the drastic reactions of the public to scandals.I want to take this opportunity to observe various trends of Korea and utilize what I’ve learned to achieve my long-term goal after I return.My inspiration comes from the recent trends in dessert pop-ups in New York City such as Hong Kong style waffles served with ice cream and Thai-inspired ice cream rolls.You should carefully review your essay and ask an advisor to proofread your essay for spelling, grammar, and content prior to submission.In the text box provided below, please address the following questions, in no particular order.Be specific in describing your individual reasons for studying abroad keeping in mind that this is a scholarship for academic study abroad.As a first-generation Chinese-American, there is a lot of pressure for me to succeed and achieve more than my parents were able to.I wanted to choose a country that reminds me of home, and Korea’s value system aligned with my expectations of a host country.I am confident that this welcoming attitude will allow me to adapt to the environment more easily.I plan on studying international economics because I think it would be helpful to understand the global economic view as a business major.Countries miles away from each other are tightly knit together through international trade, the internet, and art.


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