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The moment captured by the painting is captivating – sexually charged yet undeniably innocent.

This is the subject of Chevalier's novel Girl with a Pearl Earring.

When Jan Vermeer and his wife approve of Griet as a maid for their growing Catholic household, she leaves home and quickly enters adult life.

The Vermeer household, with its five children, grandmother and long-time servant, is ready to make Griet's working life difficult.

The novel both recognizes the painting's historic and artistic intensity and monopolizes on that intensity to create a fascinating story of a young girl in a small city during a unique period of time.

Few authors could make the leaps necessary to enliven a centuries-old painting for modern readers.

Recognizing Griet's talents, Vermeer takes her on as his studio assistant and surreptitiously teaches her to grind paints and develop color palettes in the remote attic.

Though reluctant to overstep her boundaries in the cagey Vermeer household, Griet is overjoyed both to work with her intriguing master and to lend some breath to her natural inclinations – colors and composition – neither of which she had ever been able to develop.

The Protestant Reformation unleashed artists from rote depictions of scenes from the Bible and allowed them to venture into increasingly more interesting domestic domains.

Ladies of the day would pose before silent musical instruments in rooms adorned with the trappings of success, like maps of newly explored territories and shelves with expensive volumes of books.


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