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But there are still a large number of girls are illiterate and they are not able to get an education.We need to stand for them and make education easy for every single girl in the world. They study and learn things that help them to lead a better life. Female education is a really important term right now for the entire world.Education makes people civilized, cultured and law abiding. In the words of the great philosopher Aristotle “to neglect the education of the young ones, is to weaken the constitution of the country” the present political chaos in the country is the direct result of lack of proper education.

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More share is to be allotted for the purpose in the national budget.

Special attention to be paid to teachers training because teachers are builders of the nation.

If the girls are educated, they can prove better mothers and wives.

As Napoleon Bonapart said “Give me an educated mother. Mothers can educate the children and have great influence on them.

An educated girl or women could do so many things that others can’t. We all need to realize that and let our girls be educated. From the very beginning, people used to neglect female education, as a result, women are so much behind according to research.

Our country is growing according to a better economy. Few first world countries are done really amazing in this, but still, now there are problems. If our wives and our sisters won’t get proper education then how can we expect that our next generation will be educated?

If we all start trying, then there will be a change and this change will change the world.

Both the progress and prosperity of country depends on the education.

So there is really high importance of educated wife in a family.

We should bring equality in the education system all across the world.


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