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( Afghanistan modestly reduced its poppy cultivation this year in Helmand province though nationwide production has remained the same or increased.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that the decrease is mainly the result of blight, despite a government initiative and Western aid.

Critics of the killing have focused heavily on Awlaki’s US citizenship, and the obligation of the government to protect its citizens for harm.

The death of Osama bin Laden is being celebrated across the US.

The report states that increasing poppy prices could undercut the efforts to reduce cultivation in the coming year.

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Nearly all cultivation occurs in the country's least secure provinces.The cover's title suggested that such crimes against women would increase if the US-led military force were to leave Afghanistan prematurely.Many have claimed that TIME engaged in "emotional blackmail" and exploited "gender politics to pitch for the status quo-a continued US military involvement." Women's lives have not improved overall as a result of the war (read GPF's previous posting on this issue, below).( In Afghanistan, secret military teams have been given a mandate to pursue alleged members of "terrorists" and are seen as "manhunting" operations with the units assigned to them as "capture/kill" teams. The covert "joint" teams involving the CIA and various military special operations forces are a key part of a new military "doctrine" developed in 1980 and came to be known as "find, fix, finish, and follow-up" missions, denoting how alleged terrorists are to be dealt with.Military experts are disquieted by the creation of such global hunter-killer teams who regularly kill civilians in their raids on supposed "targets." The shadow “war against terrorism” began in the Bush administration but expanded under President Obama, who ironically became popular due to his early opposition to the invasion of Iraq.Governments should also address the root causes of terrorism, notably political alienation due to prejudice, state-sponsored violence and poverty.This site deals with the idea and practice of the "war on terrorism." Materials critically analyze the "war" and its consequences.Telling Aisha's story may raise awareness about the plight of women in Afghanistan, but drawing a connection between her situation and the US occupation is both inaccurate and manipulative.() More than 170 men who have not been convicted, or in some cases even charged with a criminal offense, are being kept in indefinite detention in Guantanamo Bay.( While the US spends bn every month indicting its "war on terror," it has so far pledged pocket change to aid the 20 million displaced Pakistani's.In this article from Al Jazeera, Mark Levine argues that if a peaceful future is to be secured for Pakistan and the wider world, relief aid is an ill advised area for the US to be fiscally prudent.


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