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But upon closer examination, we found that, on the whole, parents often fall short of teaching their children basic critical thinking skills.

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Respondents are also far more likely to engage with informal, non-vetted sources for information, and just under 40 percent say they regularly read blogs instead of institutional publications like newspapers.

But few engage in the practice, and less than a quarter of respondents actually seek out views that challenge their own.

The vast majority of respondents report that they have solid critical thinking skills, and about 67 percent of respondents say their reasoning skills have improved over time.

But it seems that there’s a reality gap, and people are simply overstating their reasoning skills.

At workplaces, employers don’t do enough to prioritize richer forms of reasoning.

This happens despite the fact that strong reasoning skills have become increasingly key to navigating everyday life, and a growing body of research shows that thinking critically runs in lockstep with life outcomes.

Across just about every demographic variable, people support more critical thinking, and nearly all respondents (95 percent) say critical thinking skills are necessary in today’s world.

Still, people worry that our schools do not teach robust forms of thinking, and about 80 percent of respondents say that young people lack the ability to engage in critical thinking.

Many respondents report engaging in practices that don’t show much critical thinking.

For instance, we found that 47 percent of them don’t typically plan where they will obtain information while doing research.


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