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Please also share on social media to help colleagues out if it is of use to you.It’s common for beginner students to be intimidated when learning how to write in German.

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If the student aims to use a couple of elements from each row during their writing or speaking work/examinations, they should be accessing the higher grades (providing they answer the question and that their content, accuracy and other use of language are at a similar level, of course!

) There are a number of ways in which you could exploit the handout for accessing grades 4-9 at GCSE German level in your lessons.

This stretches and provides revision for students aiming for grades 1-5.

However, whilst I give individual examples to students aiming for higher grades in their speaking and writing, too, during lessons, it isn’t always consistent and I feel they miss out.

Luckily, most punctuation marks are used the same in German as they are in English with the exception of a few.

In the English language, for example, the typical format for introducing a quote is (“___”).German, German GCSE, German GCSE Listening Skills, German GCSE Reading Skills, German GCSE Speaking Skills, German GCSE Writing Skills, MFL GCSE Speaking Skills, MFL Skills Development, Teaching Tips, Uncategorized Students often ask me, ‘Miss, how can I get a higher grade in my GCSE German speaking and writing?’ I tell them there are a number of factors to consider, but generally, I tend to guide them to the MFL Progress Ladder, which I wrote about last year, as well as looking at the exam board’s mark scheme.Thank you so much to Tottenham9 on TES who gave me some great inspiration in creating this final document.Although this handout: GCSE German Phrases for Accessing Grades 4-9 in Writing and Speaking is mostly focused around students looking to access grades 4-9, there is no reason why students looking to achieve a grade 2-3 couldn’t include some of the elements on the first page, too.They will also be tested on the elements at various points, to avoid becoming too reliant on the physical document.As a challenge for those who wished to, I have asked them to go away and add their own original ideas to the list.What’s more, translation programs don’t always properly translate sentences.To help you learn the proper way to write in German, use the following three tips and tricks: In the German language, all nouns are capitalized no matter where they appear in a sentence.For example, in the sentence, “The dog catches the ball,” the subject (dog) is placed before the verb (catches) and the object (ball).In German, however, you can either put the subject or the object first.


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