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Jared Lewis is a professor of history, philosophy and the humanities.

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Ed.) students at the University of Calgary this semester. thesis had to be modified as I was writing up my project, having an outline helped to decide what to toss, what to keep and how to re-organize the work effectively.

I have found that some students struggle with the process of outlining their final research papers. Here are some excellent resources that are useful to university level students, as well as high school students and adult learners who are learning to write essays: s NAh3-1y6 Update – January 2018 – This blog has had over 1.8 million views thanks to readers like you.

Make reasonable conclusions and suggestions regarding the the direction of future debate and draw your own definitive conclusion as the starting point for that debate.

In doing so, you position your research in such a way that scholars must answer your work, if your research is of publishable quality.

Some scholars can reach unwarranted conclusions based on the data they used to write their work. Yet other scholars may have conducted research now contradicted by new data.

Critique the existing scholarship so that your paper makes a contribution to the ongoing scholarly debate.

Research at the master's degree level is primarily based on attempting to come up with a topic that is narrow in scope, but answers a significant question that exists in the scholarly literature.

One of the primary purposes of the master's level paper is to prepare the student for later doctoral research and writing.

Once you have chosen a topic, read the major works by other scholars in the field to discover the major themes in the scholarly literature.

Analyze the existing literature and look for problems in the scholarship.


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