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It is so crazy to think that we will be graduating in a few months.Everything has gone by so fast, but I have learned many lifelong lessons from my high school experience.

I also want to thank my friends for being there for me through my not so good times.

Thank you to the teachers for not giving up on me when I was suffering from the senioritis and also for actually making me do work so I could learn something!

As we went through elementary and middle school we began to change in many ways.

In middle school, it gave us the opportunity to meet new people and become more independent.

Some people might think that graduating from high school is just a tiny chapter in the big book called ‘Life’, and that there are more important events to come – but to me, it’s a pretty huge milestone.

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When I think about graduating from high school, I get a knot in the pit of my stomach. The fear comes because we’re afraid we might not find answers to these questions – or, even worse, we find them but don’t like them.

Now, halfway through our senior year we think back to those very first days.

It is so hard to believe that the people I have been going to school with for 12 years are going to be starting their own lives and going to college or getting jobs.

So, this is it – the very last days of the life we’ve grown so comfortable with.

Bidding farewell to high school allows us to keep all the great memories while still moving forward in our lives, ready to change the world as adults rather than holding on to the past like children.


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