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It is after his parent’s death that Harry develops a great hatred for Voldemort and tries to avoid getting seduced by powers of Dark Arts.

At the start of the book, there seems to be a great distinction between the forces of good and evil.

This paragraph should explain different groups in Hogwarts and how they relate with one another.

It should also consider the deeper meaning in the relationships.

When writing an essay on Harry Potter, you will need to start with an introduction on the book.

This is where you should provide details on the book as well as the Harry Potter adventure.

However, in the narrative, the issue is complicated by the author as there seems to be a moral ambiguity.

Shortly after the Lexicon was created in 2000, the first essay appeared: The Limits of Magic by Caius Marcius.

Harry and Professor Dumbledore are completely good.

On the other hand Voldemort is totally evil just like his death eaters.


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