Great Writing 3 From Great Paragraphs To Great Essays

Great Writing 3 From Great Paragraphs To Great Essays-20
After nearly a year on the run, a pair of star-crossed young lovers are back in the Afghan village where both their love affair and their problems began.

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As a one-to-one laptop school, my students benefit from being able to use the web independently in class.

I ask them to access The Times website and I direct them toward a particular article of interest to me, like “In Life’s Last Moments, Open a Window,” an Opinion piece written by a doctor about her hospice patients.

She says the results have been astonishing — especially for struggling writers. It’s “the combination of seeing writing done well out there in the world, plus their writing and reading about something they already find interesting,” she says._________As an English teacher who is also a writer, I never stop looking for ways for my students to learn writing in an authentic way.

I believe writing can be taught and learned, through not only practice but really approaching the craft formulaically until it becomes more natural.

The first thing I do is offer a model of what they’ll do independently in the next few minutes. For instance, a sentence with an interruption separated by em dashes: When I re-entered the room, the reclining chair that the patient — a tall, angular man in his 80s — had been thrashing around in had been turned to face out onto the garden and the double doors were open wide.

Teaching a Different Shakespeare From the One I Love.”" class="css-1m50asq" src="https://static01com/images/2015/09/13/magazine/13teachingshakespeare2-LN/13mag-13sidebar4-t_CA0-article Large.jpg?

Then, I have my students use them immediately in a creative writing assignment.

After a month or so of such lessons, I’ll focus on grammar in application by sending them to The New York Times website.

Alarmed by my continued absence, and aware of my daily dining route, he hurried across the street to my wine guy to see if he had any news of me.

I’m the human equivalent of a stray dog who wanders from shop to shop in search of whoever will give me a snack.


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