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Two women I had never even met had decorated the flat in 1994 and had not absconded with a dime (or should I say ten pence? I punched in the numbers 00-347-339, and a young lady answered. Ashford (even dropping the loathsome, which I considered rather generous of me at this point), and she said, Its for you, to her companion.) of the twenty-five thousand pounds I gave them to do so. If things didnt sell one week, they would go to auction the next week. Ashforddespite his halitosis, the spinach in his teeth, his suppurating sores, and his general air of dishabillewas actually going to cheat me. He said to herand loud enough for me to hear-- Who is it? Intrigued, I suppose, he took up the mobile and asked who was calling and when I identified myself, his one response was Jesus. Norman Ashford of Francis Smith Antiques of Chelsea in London made off with whatever money he gained from the sale of my antiques. It was used for a variety of purposes: cleaning wounds, a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea.

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I had found him in the London phone book, which was probably my very first mistake.

In the past, I had hired people only upon someones recommendation and using this approach, I had never been cheated and never been let down.

Lord Randal My Son refers to an anonymous medieval ballad of northern England or Scotland.

louse a person regarded as mean, contemptible, etc. lousy with rocks here, wearing a good deal of jewelry, possibly diamonds.

Now, you will say that his general appearancenot to mention his halitosis, which slithered across the room toward me in a most insalubrious fashionshould have been a giveaway.

But I am not one to judge people by that which suppurates from their unhealthy complexions and Im certainly not one to dismiss a fellow human being out of hand for the spinach which clings to his front teeth like a supplicant unwilling to be dismissed. I had, after all, employed a private investigator in the past prior to hiring an architect to design my home and a builder to build it.

matinee a reception or performance, as of a play, held in the afternoon. by general consent, as from a group or from acceptance by society.

Navajo North American Indian people who live in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. necking kissing, hugging, and caressing passionately. nonchalant showing cool lack of concern; casually indifferent. ostracizing banishing, barring, excluding, etc., from a group or from acceptance by society.

half gainer a fancy dive in which the diver springs from the board facing forward and does a back flip in the air so as to enter the water headfirst, facing the board. highballs tall glasses of liquor, usually whiskey or brandy, mixed with water, soda water, ginger ale, etc. Holland Tunnel a passageway connecting lower Manhattan with Jersey City, New Jersey, beneath the Hudson River.

hemorrhage the escape of large quantities of blood from a blood vessel; heavy bleeding.


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