Hamlet Entrapment Essay

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In fact, other criticisms question whether Hamlet was actually mad or not.

Such contentions were built on observations by an anonymous author who stated Hamlet may be mad because “he has a lot of stress, has to deal with his mother’s adultery, his father’s murder,” (Vaxxine 1).

Thus many critics have commented on Hamlet’s development and credibility of his actions. “Hamlet seems to be intellectually and emotionally enjoying the torment of the situation and wants to prolong it.”(vaxxine1) This is just one theory; many others suggest just as the preceding did, that it was because if his lack of acting naturally.

Instead, he is working in the theme of appearance vs. Another popular theory is that “Hamlet’s delay was a state of mind ‘quite abnormal and induced by special circumstances’, a state of profound melancholy or excessive brooding that made him too upset to do anything,”(1).

Without it, the play would be as any other story in the sense that the protagonist takes quick, immediate action.

Rather, Hamlet, who is considered by many to be “the greatest character in Western literature this century,” according to Professor Stoll of the University of Minnesota, is a character that is intellectual while able to maintain a feigned madness.

These theories confirm the fact that Hamlet is indeed the most intriguing character in western literature and that he follows suit with the theme of appearance vs.

reality throughout the entire play, causing himself more problems than he could have prepared for. reality is without a doubt the most important theme in Hamlet.

The character of Nurse Ratched, who is called big nurse by the others, represents the institution of psychiatric medicine.

The social and academic theorist Hubert F Dreyfus tells us that “Foucault was critical of the human sciences as a dubious and dangerous attempt to model a science of human beings on the natural sciences.” (This extract was written by Dreyfus in 1987 as a critique of Foucault) Foucault believed that peoples’ minds cannot be measured by science and scientific terms.


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