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Hard Problems To Solve-66
Given that \(x\) represents the number of \($50,000\) policies sold and \(y\) represents the number of \($100,000\) policies sold, the sum of these two numbers is less than \(57\). We need to multiply the value of the policy by the number of that type of policy, which gives us \(50,000x 100,000y\:\gt\:3,000,000\).Choice C is the only answer that reflects Roberto’s insurance policy sales.1.

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The first question asked for the value of \(x\) in the expression.

Because her bank account earns \(2\%\) interest compounded annually, we can convert \(2\%\) to a decimal, giving us \(.02\).

We’ve also included how many questions fall under each category, so if you’re self-studying, you can prioritize the types of questions that appear more often.

A grid-in question can test any of the topics above and is found at the end of each portion of the math test, both no-calculator and calculator.

If you develop your math skills, however, then these questions won’t be that much more difficult for you.

Note: This is a two-part question, but we left out the first part to focus on the second one.

We suggest you try solving these on your own before looking at the answer and our suggested solution.

Remember: we’ve given you just one way to solve the problem. Before we go into the questions, we want you to understand the terms that the College Board uses to categorize the topics.

This often makes it very clear how to find the answer.

Here’s our diagram: College Board likes to use these triangles and their similar counterparts because they have nice, whole-number sides that make calculations easy.


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