Heart Shaped Writing Paper

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Then, put the pieces so the fabric pattern is facing in, and pin it together to hold them in place.Then, sew together the v-shaped bottom of the hearts.Then simply remove the heart template and enjoy your newly embellished piece of clothing, table runner, or any other fabric craft.

String them as a banner, put them on clothing, or whatever your crafting needs demand.

Use a heart template to trace perfectly symmetrical hearts when either drawing or painting.

Use paper heart templates as sewing patterns to sew easy heart shaped pockets.

Simply cut out a paper heart, and pin it to a piece of fabric, and cut out a perfect heart.

Use a printable heart template as a pattern to cut out fabric hearts without the inaccurate method of folding and cutting.

A good heart shape template will help you cut out perfect hearts every time.

Much like creating a pocket, create this craft by using the paper heart as a template, turning your fabric inside out and sew it together, except it is recommended that you sew further up onto one of the bumps at the top of the heart.

Then, turn the heart right side out and stuff it full of cotton batting, or fluff.

Simply print out the template, and let the kids use their imaginations to color in the hearts.

Use heart shaped templates as patterns for your spray painting projects.


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