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If they are excited about the idea, it’s often easier to write about it. Review the list of ideas and choose an option that peaks interest and fits the prompt.

This makes writing winning scholarship essays feel like less of a burden, which can go a long way when your student wants to apply to a long list of scholarships.

Scholarship Essay Body Ideally, each body paragraph should discuss a single point that relates to the topic, usually in a few sentences.

If possible, it’s a great idea to make the point through a mini story or example.

While “no essay” scholarships do exist, most of these are no more than sweepstakes, and some of them are incredibly sketchy.

If you want to know more about no-essay scholarships, check out this article: What You Need to Know About No Essay Scholarships Writing winning scholarship essays isn’t as challenging as it sounds, as long as your student knows the best approach.With the outline in hand, your student now has a guide for writing a high-quality first draft of their scholarship essay.How they decide to approach this phase may depend on their personal style.It allows them to organize their thoughts and identify ideas that excite them.After your student brainstorms, they should focus on topics that ignite their passion.When writing a great scholarship essay, brainstorming is an important part of the process.They should grab a sheet of paper, list every topic or prompt, and jot down notes of examples that apply to each one.This keeps the essay interesting for the reader and helps them understand the writer even better.For example, rather than saying “I initially decided I wanted to be a lawyer in 9 grade…,” a student can instead share a quick story or example and sum it up with “That is when I first discovered my passion for law.”Transitions Having quality transitions between paragraphs is also essential as it improves the flow of the essay.Typically, you can figure out the audience’s priorities by reviewing the organization’s website.Read through the product or service descriptions, About Us section, as well as any mission statements to get insight into the group’s values.


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