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There were four narrators, and some of their predicaments I sympathized with very strongly, but they weren’t me.The moment you’re using a frame of reference that’s not your own, then it’s hard work, whatever it is.

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is Nick Hornby’s first foray into the genre of the young-adult novel, but Hornby’s readers—adult and young-adult alike—will find that they are not on altogether unfamiliar terrain.

All of his novels, including (2005), involve, as he says, “situations where ordinary people living relatively ordinary lives get bent out of shape by something quite momentous.” And many of them orbit around narrators who entertain Tony Hawke-esque obsessions.

And having a baby seemed like a pretty momentous thing to me.

Obviously, it’s not the same when you’re 35, but when you’re 16, it’s really a big deal. I was kind of surprised as I was reading up on the subject by just how many it’s happening to.

He even went so far as to is your fifth novel, and it’s your first time writing a young-adult novel. I was never quite sure in the process that that’s what I was doing. I think quite a misguided literary culture has grown up in the 20th century that says a book has to have a seriousness of purpose and a seriousness of language.

I had spoken to an editor about doing a young-adult book at some stage, and when I had the idea for this book, I wondered whether this was the one. I wasn’t reading the young-adult reviews in newspapers, and my friends weren’t telling me to read the books, so there was no reason really for me to have discovered them. At the same time, I think this literary culture has developed a mistrust of comedy, and also quite often of narrative.

That’s the purpose, surely, of trying to organize whatever material it is you’re working with so that it’s readable and digestible, even if you’re writing about the history of the Holocaust.

You don’t want to write it so that no one wants to read it, and you don’t want to present the information and the argument in an indigestible form.

At the end of our interview, he asked where I was from, and when I replied that I was from Boston, he immediately intuited my conflict.

He knew the Sox were playing that night, and he quickly and generously gave me a dispensation. On this tour I’ve been dealing with the people who run the young-adult sections of bookstores and libraries, and they have their own particular favorites. In this same That’s a complicated question with a complicated answer.


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