High School Science Essay Questions

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Here are six writing prompts that will get our students’ brains in gear for writing in science: Anytime we write, at any grade level, it is important to scaffold the writing.

Providing sentence starters and paragraph frames is an easy and simple way to support all learners.

It’s essential that we encourage our students to develop their effective science communication skills in frequent low-stakes activities, such as quick-writes and short paragraphs.

(Syda Productions/Shutterstock) When my students see a writing prompt on the board, inevitably one of them sighs and says, “this is science, not english class!

I use writing prompts as warm-up activities in my science class to build prior knowledge and get students brains to shift to science.

Occasionally I collect their informal writing, but I never grade it.If you’re in high school and planning to score big on ATAR, Get expert tutoring for ATAR at Crunch Grade.If you’re having trouble with Chemistry, you can find expert online tutors for Chemistry. Pick up a topic that interests you and begin writing! I prefer to keep the stakes low, and remove that pressure from my students.Typically, I’m circulating the class as students are writing, peeking over their shoulders, and asking them questions about their writing that will encourage them to write more.Also, allowing students to first brainstorm their ideas with a partner before they write is also a simple way to improve students’ writing.One of my favorite ways to scaffold writing is to have students first do a quickdraw.Then, I project the same prompt, and have them write their response.I’ve done this as a stand-alone writing prompt, in response to an article, and as a reflection on a short 3-4 minute video.We understand you’re busy and working hard to improve grades in high school.To make things a little easier we have brought 50 best science essay topics for you!


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