High School Sketchbook Assignments

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Grab a sketchbook with at least 100 pages and draw each idea one by one until you’ve filled it up completely. Here are a few more places to look for inspiration and activities that may spark your creativity…

When we explore a bit and move our bodies, an interesting thing happens. This also helps to get our creative juices flowing.

If you spend all your time sketching things that come easy for you, then you won’t see much improvement.

We have to tackle some of those subjects that may seem difficult.

Some people are inspired by other forms of art outside the realm of visual art.

High School Sketchbook Assignments

Music can be a great source of inspiration and may give you some ideas for your drawings.By looking at art produced by someone else, we can get inspired.We may begin to envision what our art would look like if we were to emulate their style or use the same medium.In many cases, the subjects aren’t quite as difficult as we think they are.But we only discover this if we take on the challenge.Remember, we can always use the ideas that we conceive in our sketchbooks and turn them into finished works of art.A sketchbook is great place to practice, but it’s also a great place to plan and find some inspiration. Defining what’s considered easy will be different for everyone.I should point out that the best way to get better at drawing from your imagination is to spend a good amount of time working from observation.When you practice working from observation, you learn how to translate what you see into a work of art.When you’re working from imagination, you have to rely on what you’ve learned from your observational practice.If you want to get better at anything, then you have to challenge yourself.


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