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In response to the overwhelming presence of professional practice doctoral degrees in the early 2000s, universities offering Doctor of Education (Ed D) and/or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) degrees in higher education studies began to question the purpose and value of each degree.These universities asked: What is the value of academic research if it does not aim to improve the condition of what is being studied?To assess dissertation development over the 10-year period of CPED’s existence, through content analysis, this study examined 761 Ed D and Ph D dissertation abstracts in higher education studies from 20.

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Simple bibliographic citations are available for dissertations dating from 1637.

Citations and abstracts of only Princeton University dissertations.

If you, or one of your students, have recently completed a Ph D or other doctoral degree with a dissertation in statistics education, please get in contact with Elizabeth Fry (University of Minnesota) so that the details can be added here. Étude introductive à l’identification de la représentation sociale de la statistique chez des étudiants de premier cycle en Sciences humaines et sociales en France. Introductory study to identify the social representation of the statistics among undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences in France.

-- Abstract in English)Using Fathom® statistical education software in high school to examine students’ acceptance of virtual simulation and use of simulation to model sample size when sampling from large and infinite populations Viabilidad de la enseñanza de la inferencia bayesiana en el análisis de datos en psicología (Suitability of teaching bayesian inference in data analysis courses directed to psychologists) ("Abstract" is 66 page summary in English)O conhecimento profissional dos professores e suas relações com estatística e probabilidade na educação infantile (Teacher’s profesional knowledge in relation to statistics and probability in primary school education).

Prior to the dissertation process, doctoral candidates should familiarize themselves with policies and procedures described in the Handbook for Ph. Students and Advisors and the Guidelines for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations. Find A Dissertation The dissertation abstracts listed below are intended to give readers an awareness of the numerous issues covered as well as to provide a reference list about topics impacting professional education.

The Office of Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education examines all College and Graduate School of Education, Health, and Human Services dissertations prior to filing with the University Libraries. List of theses starting in 1926 written by seniors at Princeton University. Princeton University network connected patrons may view most 2014 theses.For Senior Thesis Searching Tips, see the Mudd Manuscript Library blog post: How to Search for, Find, and View Princeton University Senior Theses Integrated database search of full-text journal databases (including KISS and DBPia), theses & dissertations held in more than 150 universities in South Korea, and over 7 million bibliographic records.In contrast, Ph D dissertations in higher education studies exhibited more applied scholarship in 2007, but they had reverted to more traditional discovery- or truth-oriented research goals in 2017.These findings suggest greater differentiation between the Ed D as application- and the Ph D as theory-based over the 10-year period since the establishment of CPED.This led to a theory-practice debate among departments offering the Ed D and the Ph D from the perspective of the goal of the dissertation research: Truth or improvement.To address this tension, the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) was formed in 2007 with 22 founding members increasing to 100 by 2017 to examine the Ed D critically.Princeton users may download for free the full text of dissertations published after 1996.This is a subset of Proquest Digital Dissertations.Boyer’s (1990) expanded definitions of scholarship served as the theoretical framework, and the coding form designed by Melendez (2002) captured a range of dissertation characteristics for analysis.Results indicated more applied research characteristics focusing on improvement for the Ed D from 2007 to 2017.


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