History Essay World War 2

History Essay World War 2-28
General Douglas Mac Arthur, the invasion force’s commander, noted the clear trend that as Americans approached Japan’s main islands, the ferocity of Japanese retaliation increased immensely.From Japan’s unannounced attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 to January of 1944, Allied advancements through Japan’s imperial stronghold in the Pacific costed the United States 106,000 casualties.

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However, as American troops neared Japan’s main islands, from July of 1944 to July of 1945, the United States suffered 185,000 casualties.

As a result, American command predicted that Allied casualties of the massive invasion would range from 95,000 to 500,000.

These numbers, coupled with the one million war casualties America had already suffered, provided strong impetus for Truman and the American military to spare American life by means of nuclear weaponry.

America’s unwavering objective to attain Japan’s unconditional surrender ruled out peaceful compromise with the country and the intimidative demonstration of the atom bomb.

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