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Why should it matter when the homework was invented?The only thing students have to understand is the way it helps them with their educational process.

Why should it matter when the homework was invented?

Now we know that homework was invented by the strict teacher from Italy.

It really helped school children to develop a more serious approach to education.

The first claim belongs to the group of people who believe that Roberto Nevilis, a teacher from Venice, Italy, who was disappointed in the performance of his class, so he decided to punish the students in this original way.

Since 1905, many students worldwide share hatred to that person.

In this part, we are going to convince young students in the effectiveness of homework.

We will try to prove homework assignments lead to: Nowadays, a homework assignment is not an obligation.

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First signs of homework appeared with the first formal school.

Parents don’t have to spend hours trying to check what their children have learned during the school day.

Homework is the best way to learn more on the given question.


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