History Of Blue Jeans Essay

Take a look at the history of jeans throughout the years, from the origins of jeans as work wear for laborers, to their status today as the number one fashion essential in the closets of women and men in America and worldwide.

In the late 1800s, denim trousers, typically worn by male workers and originally referred to as “waist overalls,” were fairly commonplace as rough and tumble work wear.

Denim fashion changed again in the 1990s, as the grunge era in fashion began.

In this decade, jeans became more about slouchy, casual style, than something you would wear to dress up in.

Suddenly, everyone was wearing skinny, legging-style jeans to work, on the weekend and for date nights out.

An interest in premium brands soared in the 2000s, with brands like 7 for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity and Hudson Jeans suddenly becoming mainstream household names.Today, the trend in denim fashion is toward variety, although skinnier styles for women remain the most popular by a margin, and are a fashion mainstay for most women, because of their versatility as a casual or dressier pant.Straight leg jeans are another popular denim trend for women that has risen in the past few years, thanks to the influence of style bloggers and fashion bloggers.It was also in the 1930s that Vogue magazine featured its first fashion model in denim on the cover, hinting that jeans could perhaps be a fashion statement for women, and not just reserved as practical clothing for working dudes.Teenagers embraced blue jeans in the 1950s, when Hollywood movies used jeans as a fashionable symbol of rebellion against the status quo.Popular cuts included bell bottom flares and low-rise hip huggers.Double denim also made its first real appearance as a fashion trend during the 1960s, and jean jackets became standard hippie wear, and were often decorated with sew-on decals.Stone wash, acid wash, and ripped jeans were some of the most desired looks of this decade, along with the new, skinnier leg cuts that were tapered at the ankle.Even men got in on the designer denim trend in this decade, and started to show up more in jeans advertising.Pop culture "bad boys" such as James Dean and Marlon Brando popularized jeans in their films, wearing denim as they shook up the squares.This led to blue jeans being banned in some public schools in America, for being too provocative.


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