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But in some children, saving the hardest for is more motivating.They will power through their least favorite subject simply to be done for the day.If they can get them all right in a reasonable amount of time, then they are done because they have proven they don’t need the other half.

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Some older kids have a tendency to slack on their homeschool work, procrastinate, or dawdle through the day, getting little done.

If you have a teen dawdler, don't feel like a failure!

Use these for extensions, extra practice and a little educational fun.

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When it comes to dawdling, I've found that the older a child gets, the less effective incentives become.

A ninth grader will roll his eyes at a sticker chart or a trip to the zoo.

If you're finding a child struggles with learning and attention span on a regular basis, pay attention to these three key areas of diet, exercise, and sleep.

The same goes for a child who stayed up until 2 a.m.

Have your teens start the homeschool day with their toughest subjects under your supervision (or at least nearby ) before moving on independently with the easier subjects.

Getting the hard things out of the way usually will encourage teenagers to fly through the rest.


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