Homework And Music

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For others, they may not be distracted by the outside world, but will get distracted from the music they are listening to, decreasing performance.

Personally, I listen to instrumental and low vocal, rhythmic music and found that it helps me a lot with focusing on the work I'm doing, but if your experience informs you otherwise, you should stop listening to music. Once I get mega focused I might not even notice if it shuts off, but it definitely helps me get in the zone.

Consider asking your kids to write down assignments and have them check each off as they finish them.

Maybe offer rewards for finishing in a timely manner, since multitasking tends to make homework time drag on.

It does have to be fairly “uninteresting” music, though. For me it has to be pleasant and something I like the sound of, but not anything “stimulating” like rap or punk.

Whatever makes you comfortable enough to melt into a difficult problem and flow from there is an asset.It may not positively affect memory retention as many people like to claim, but research suggests that it shouldn't be detrimental.I'm just making this part up, but my guess is that music helps some people block out outside distractions and focus on work more consistently, improving performance.If your kid is using your home computer to do work, you might consider a parental-control program such as Open DNS or Kids Watch that lets you separate homework from playtime. I'd like to say no, don't worry, but that would be partially wrong for some, if not most scenarios.I'm personally not allowed to multitask at all while doing my work, and I grudgingly find that its true.Perhaps it's because I'm accustomed to the silence while doing work, but I find that my productivity drops a good 90% while watching TV, 50% with my phone, and 20% with music (lyrics).Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and with it comes the ability to rock out to music whenever the mood strikes. Pandora has a comprehensive and frequently updated genre list that you can browse to get started.If your kid is really having a tough time blocking out distractions and staying focused, you might need some technical assistance.If your kid's school uses a 1-to-1 device program, ask the teacher if it comes with some time-management software or other controls that allow you to restrict access to non-homework-related sites. Pandora's site does have genres such as country and classical and hip-hop, and it also has a set of genres that have more to do with the overall emotional flavor of a collection of music rather than a particular genre.Fifteen million listeners can't be all wrong: in Pandora's Instrumentals genre you'll find everything from Dr. These instrumentals are basically tracks from some of the top names in the business without the words to mess with your brain space; there's even a specific station called Instrumentals for studying. Pandora has three muted genres that might work for you.


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