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I’m not the only one who’s mad I am by no means bashing my son’s teacher.She’s a hard-working, vibrant young woman who is effectively teaching a classroom of small children.If you know anything about me, you know that an angry Joelle is a real trouble-maker.

I’m not the only one who’s mad I am by no means bashing my son’s teacher.

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I am not bashing the private school where I send my son.

The problem is that both the teacher and the school are following a new trend in homework that has infiltrated public and private education.

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You are free to print any of the downloads, I offer almost everything on my blog for FREE, I only ask that you comply with my Terms Of Use. 1- 20 Writing Practice 1-20 Number Writing Worksheets Vol.

Homework is not a bad thing – when assigned appropriately Do I believe in homework? The only reason I survived math and learned spelling words was because of the practice I did at home.

But I was in the third grade and could read the directions on my homework, understand the requirements, and complete the work independently.

If I didn’t do the homework, I understood and suffered the consequences because I was of an appropriate age to comprehend what was required of me.

My son, as a “normal,” healthy, curious five-year-old, cannot do that yet. Do I cause a stink with a very enthusiastic first-year teacher?

If my son has copious amounts of skill-inappropriate homework and is unable to exercise and play outside, will the school then tell me that my kid is fat and dictate my grocery shopping lists?

(It sounds paranoid, but I’ve seen it happen in other schools).


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