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"jbuhler"), the homework number, and the problem number.

You can use this example document to help you get started.

The La Te X Wikibook may also help as a reference that explains the various features of La Te X in much more detail.

The TAs will grade each of your homework solutions in Gradescope.

As each problem's solution is graded, a grade will be posted to the corresponding column in the course grade book.

simulated displayed formulas produced using creative spacing and underline/dash characters) or "ASCII art" in place of figures.

We strongly recommend the use of La Te X to prepare your solutions.To see the scores for each individual question and grader comments, click on the assignment from the course dashboard again.For each solution, you'll see the points awarded and the time it was entered.La Te X is the de facto standard method of typesetting published work in compter science, and it is especially well suited to typesetting mathematics.If you are unfamiliar with La Te X, you can obtain the necessary software, including an editor here.As students advance through school, it is reasonable to expect that the amount of homework can be increased.Teachers should collaborate in implementing the following parameters of time and frequency of homework: Students should be given an opportunity to make up homework if they participate in school-sponsored activities.You may find the Tik Z package convenient for drawing figures of graphs, as in this example.Place your figures, scaled appropriately, inline at the point where they are first referenced in your document, or use your editor's "float" facility (if any) to have them appear at the top or bottom of a page with suitable captions and corresponding references in the text.Please prepare each problem's solution as a separate document, since you will be uploading each solution separately to Gradescope for grading (via Canvas).You may put all the parts of one problem's solution (e.g. Each solution must have a header appearing at the top of each of its pages that includes your name and WUSTL Key ID (e.g.


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