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Under the proposed measure of Senator Poe intended for public and private schools, teachers may only assign homework to students on weekends provided that it will be minimal and will not require more than four hours to be completed."The Department of Education has expressed its support to the proposed "No homework policy," stating in a statement that the "Department supports the no-homework policy proposed by legislators from the House of Representatives.By ensuring that they complete all assignments and projects in school, the no-homework policy enables our learners to find balance between their academic development and personal growth by having ample time for enjoyable activities with family."This is my personal take on this matter: of the three proposals filed, the most plausible one is the bill filed by Senator Grace Poe.I REMEMBER when I was still in school, I did not really bother my parents to help me in my assignments, projects, and even quarterly exams.

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Students taking an extra class should expect to exceed the daily minutes in a proportional manner.

For an accelerated course designed to be equivalent to a course at a more advanced grade level, students should expect homework for that class to be consistent with a time expectation for the higher grade level.

Students may elect to use the weekends to review materials, make up work, complete projects, and enjoy recreational reading.

Assignments shall be designed so that the typical student can complete all homework, including time for studying and preparing for exams, in the average minutes shown.

Explain homework assignments to the students prior to the assignment.

Teachers shall communicate homework assignments in at least one of the following ways: send a packet home, write assignment on the board, require students to record it, and/or make available through emails, websites or hotlines. Identify the access that students will have to materials for projects and other homework assignments – taking into account affordability, resource materials from the library media center, assistance and tutoring opportunities, and technology resources.

Students should speak directly with teachers to determine which teachers host regular tutoring hours or to arrange individual tutoring sessions.

In addition, students may get assistance on homework through the programs or strategies listed.

Of course, I will help and guide them as they accomplish these.

Parents are always required to affix their signatures on the notebooks to signify that they have checked the answers of their kids.


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