Homework Procrastination

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Although typically perceived as a negative trait due to its hindering effect on one's productivity often associated with depression, low self-esteem, guilt and inadequacy; From a cultural perspective, students from both Western and non-Western cultures are found to exhibit academic procrastination, but for different reasons.

Students from Western cultures tend to procrastinate in order to avoid doing worse than they have done before or from failing to learn as much as they should have, whereas students from non-Western cultures tend to procrastinate in order to avoid looking incompetent, or to avoid demonstrating a lack of ability in front of their peers.

It is also important to consider how different cultural perspectives of time management can impact procrastination.

For example, in cultures that have a multi-active view of time, people tend to place a higher value on making sure a job is done accurately before finishing.

Whether homework teachers assign is beneficial or classified as “busy work” which doesn’t help students learn the material, but rather extends their homework load causes problems.

Homework Procrastination

“I get a lot of busy work and it doesn’t help me learn the material.

Some teachers attempt to limit the homework size to the essentials and question how students spend their time doing homework.

“All my classes said the work in my class is very manageable.

However, as many as 65% indicated that they would like to reduce their procrastination when writing papers, and approximately 62% indicated the same for studying for exams and 55% for reading weekly assignments.

It is estimated that 80–95% of college students engage in procrastination, and approximately 75% consider themselves procrastinators.


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