Homework Resources For Parents

Homework Hub: Book Report Sandwich -- fun online book report activity for kids in younger grades. Homework Hub -- website that includes study and homework resources for parents, teachers, and students grades K-8.

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This guide details the ins and outs of scholarships searching, as well as providing an ample amount of different online scholarship websites for the user to access.

Summer Courses -- The Institute for Learning and Development “Master Your Mind” spring workshop aims to help students learn and practice strategies that will improve their executive function skills in school.

The Homework Dilemma: How Much Should Parents Get Involved? Interactive Mathematics -- this site helps you learn math while playing with it.

-- guidance for teachers about what they can do to help parents help their children with homework. Includes algebra, money math, trigonometry, graphs, complex numbers, probability, differentiation, integration and higher calculus.

The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning. A Research Guide for Students -- this site provides all the necessary tools for students to conduct research and to present their findings. Family Involvement with Children's Homework: An Intervention in the Middle Grades.

The Homework Ate My Family -- article from Time magazine that speaks about how homework has replaced a child’s family time at home.

There seems to be little doubt that the motives of the parents are genuine. However, it is not the motive that creates the anxiety and tension for both parents and children, but the techniques employed.

For some children, school can be a stressful place.

Parents have always attempted to help their children with homework.

This help ranges from a short occasional explanation to total completion of the task by the parent. In an attempt to cope, parents will use trial and error, bribery, threats, reasoning, and anything they hope will work.


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