Homosexuality Essay

She has tried dating men but doesn’t feel the kind of attraction for them that she had and still has for women.

In a conversation we had nearly two years ago she told me, “I’m almost jealous of you.

On top of observations of gay swans in the wild, there have been studies done on domesticated sheep.

Within this experiment the investigators tested the potentially gay rams by putting receptive females, receptive males, and other males in front of them to see which they mounted: “The investigators hypothesized that gay rams would respond hormonally to receiver males in the same way straight males respond to receptive females. Gay males don’t think another male is female, and they don’t respond as if they did” (Roughgarden 140).

Brenner was hit five times and Wight twice, Brenner survived but Wight did not (“Rebecca Wight”).

Claudia Brenner went on to write a book about the ordeal, but even nearly dying from an act of anti-gay violence did not change her attraction to women: “Brenner has a regular life now…My friends choose to be open and out, but they did not and do not choose to be gay.In fact more often than not homosexuality is caused by genetic factors rather than it being a choice.Much of this research was done in 1993, and: “The same year, a study of twins found a significantly higher correlation of sexual orientation between identical as opposed to fraternal twins” (Bernstein 34).Two people with the same genetic makeup are more likely to both be gay or both be straight than two people with similar but not quite identical genetics.There is no choice to have feelings for someone of the same, or the opposite, sex.If there was a choice in the matter, then people would be able to change their sexuality at will without requiring therapy.There is research suggesting that certain genetic markers on the x-chromosome are associated with homosexuality: “Using genetic mapping, the team found that a set of five genetic markers at the tip of the long arm of the X chromosome were identical in 33 of 40 pairs of homosexual brothers” (Journal Watch).This does not positively conclude that a person will be gay if he or she has these markers, but it does suggest that there are genetic factors at play rather than sexuality being merely a choice.Rachel is not the only homosexual person I know and the others have had similar experiences due to their choices to come out of the closet.One of them, Paul, was beaten up by a group of teenaged boys when they realized that he was, in their words, a fag.


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