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Studying abroad in Europe is the perfect opportunity to explore not just your country of stay, but also the entire continent.However, this isn’t as easy-squeezy as getting across NJ to NY state lines by taking the GW Bridge.

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If you immerse yourself in the culture and not the popular attractions, the entire experience will turn into one big attraction in a way.

3) ‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself.’– Danny Kaye Many people who study abroad learn more about themselves in those months than some people learn about themselves in years.

When you have these attractions as a goal, you often miss the heart of the country.

Being surrounded by other tourists at polished attractions often prevents people from experiencing the culture and makes people focused on one thing.

So, for every person who has yet to study abroad and the opportunity to do so, find out for yourself whether these check out!

Every student abroad can always use a few words of encouragement. ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.’ – Saint Augustine Studying abroad will change the world as you know it.If you want it to be affordable, you’ll have to take a 26-hour bus ride to Switzerland.As for easy, fitting an entire unknown country, full of tons of sights and activities, into fewer than three days is an elite skill most can only hope to master by the end of their semesters abroad.Whether you are preparing for your upcoming study abroad, are currently exploring your new host country, or if you are struggling with Phase II of study abroad – otherwise known as post study abroad re-entry shock – sometimes the words of another traveller can make just the right amount of sense at just the right time. Most people are exposed only to one country or place for years before they have the chance to go abroad.While this is a comfortable place to be, until a person leaves what they know, they may never get the full experience of what the world has to offer.Last January, I set off to spend a semester studying abroad in Barcelona.This January, I’m sick to my stomach at the thought of graduate school applications.Reality: Every day is an adventure in this new city, but you are still a college student.You will carry your college student fortitudes with you from the States.Studying abroad is an unreal experience that only those who participate can truly understand.As I reflect on my time abroad, I also look back and laugh at some of the biggest delusions I had before I embarked on the trip.


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