Horse Business Plan

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At other stables, partial-board clients furnish feed and bedding and the stable owner or an employee handles daily chores such as feeding, stall cleaning and turnout.

Pasture-board entails supplying the client’s horse with pasture and a place to get out of the weather.

In addition to regular full-board tasks, your job description might include hosing or icing a bowed tendon, hand walking a lame pony, treating an ulcerated eye, or changing dressings and administering medications.

Because of your boarders’ special needs, your establishment must be located within easy driving distance of an excellent equine vet and a top-notch farrier.

According to the 2002 USDA Census of Agriculture, on Jan.

1, 2003, there were 5.2 million equines in the United States.You’ll provide improved pasture and stalls or field shelter access throughout each boarder’s stay, and you’ll monitor her pregnancy and foaling.You might also imprint her newborn foal, sometimes for an additional fee.And since expensive-to-build-and-maintain features like indoor arenas and on-site groomed trails aren’t necessary at elder care facilities, you can likely do just that.Aged boarders require comfortable stalls or field shelters, high quality pasture, concentrates designed for elder horses, and soft, high quality hay.New boarding stable entrepreneurs must possess the financial wherewithal to build or renovate existing facilities; money to meet start-up costs like increased liability insurance, legal and accounting services, and advertising; and the financial acumen to operate his stable in a professional manner.He also needs considerable time to devote to the business, even if it’s a part-time venture. Unless you’re situated within 20 miles of a fairly affluent metro area, you probably can’t attract enough clients to make a large-scale venture really pay.This entails patience and tact, especially when inter-stable squabbles arise.Playing peacekeeper can be the hardest part of the job (said by one who’s been there and knows).If you’re a patient and caring experienced horseperson with lots of time to devote to your business, consider boarding lay-ups.While most lay-up operations cater to racehorses, anyone with an injured or chronically ill equine and not enough time to devote to its needs may be willing to pay for your time and expertise.


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