How Do You Write A Scholarship Essay

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But first, let’s review the foundational elements of a scholarship essay and what makes it different from other academic writing.A primary factor distinguishing scholarship essays from other types of academic essays is the fact that scholarship essays are, simply stated, all about you and your college: the entire focus is persuasive, and as described above, the purpose of the essay is to explain why and how you’ll use the financial aid you receive in the best way possible.Anecdotes are short, amusing stories about events or people.

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This first-hand experience allowed John to understand all components of small business operations.

John plans to combine his experiential knowledge with what he learns in school to help bridge understanding gaps between managers and front-line employees.

Great scholarship essays show, not tell, why the applicant is a strong contender through personal stories.

Writing a winning scholarship essay involves showcasing your accomplishments, skills, and volunteer work in a intimate, yet professional tone.

Make your title and introduction specific and think about how you can say them in an interesting way that shows the reader your essay has value.

An organized and convincing essay generally has one primary theme that weaves all parts of the essay together.

For example, which of the following headlines are you more likely to read? The first one is pretty dry and boring, and doesn’t really say anything about what the essay is about-- other than it being a scholarship essay. The second title, however, queues you as reader to read on.

It is a title you can relate to as a student and a school administrator.

The example essay we’ll review below uses an anecdote about helping the family business better manage checkbook balancing.

Through stories, you have the chance to catch your readers’ attention by highlighting how you can contribute to the world with your skills and experience Writing with passion is important because it shows the scholarship committee you’re applying to that you care, and that you’ll make your best effort to use the financial aid you’re given in a productive, meaningful way.


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