How Invented Homework

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Roberto was a Venice or Italian school teacher at around 1095.

However, nobody has really proven that he invented it.

Initially, the goal was to enable students to understand what they are taught in class.

However, modern students are bombarded with complex assignments and this leaves them with no option but to seek assistance.

And there was a bunch of searches, and I double checked the info, and people, I'm sorry , underlined, italicized, and in bold for extra respect thought this one guy invented it.

His name was Roberto Nevilis from Italy, and he created homework in the year 1095. When teachers give you many complex and time-consuming homework assignments, you can’t help but want to know some facts about homework.For instance, who invented it and what informed them?Did they really think assignments would be a great idea?Generally, students hate the idea of spending hours in seclusion trying to finish assignment after school. That is probably the case with most students, and was probably the case with their parents, as well as all generations that came before them.But, while it might seem that homework has been making students miserable since the dawn of time, historically speaking, it is a relatively new concept.Perhaps, that’s because ancient students were expected to help with domestic chores and complete academic tasks.Therefore, being assigned academic tasks implied that they couldn’t have time to complete essential domestic tasks.They feel tired, stressed and restless especially if other family members are having great time together.Basically, no student likes doing assignments even the smartest ones. Roberto Nevilis is almost universally acknowledged for having invented homework.


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