How To Assign Ringtones On Iphone 5

You can also make ringtones for i Phone using your Mac, your PC or even your i Phone itself.For example, Ringtone Recorder Unlimited Free is an i Phone application that uses the i Phone’s microphone to capture any sound and make it a ringtone.

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Step 2: Tap Sounds from the left menu, then tap Ringtone button.

See this step-by-step guide to make free ringtones for i Phone.

There are several websites that allow you to create ringtones for free once you register.

Audiko is one example of a website that allows you to make ringtones for free.

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Visit Stack Exchange In i Phone, you can easily change the default ringtone (Settings → Sounds → Ringtone) and set a custom ringtone for individual people (Contacts → [some person] → Edit → Ringtone).

You can then tap the ringtone you want to buy to complete the transaction.

You can also make free ringtones using i Tunes or by simply using some ringtone web services.

i OS 5 added the ability to assign ringtones to almost any action on your i Phone.

For example, you can use the same method of assigning ringtones to your contacts to assign ringtones to different actions such as Text Tones, New Voice mail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Calendar Alert, and Reminder Alerts.


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