How To Come Up With A Good Business Plan

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I'm also sending this podcast to a personal shopper I know who can rock your world!Recently, he dressed a lot of guys on the Funnel Hacks stage. We just came back from an awesome 8 day trek through Florida: beautiful springs, manatees, snorkeling through tunnels, paddle boards, camping, sushi, sake, italian, etc.

I decided to think about it a little bit differently and turn it into a coaching service.

Learn about someones business, find the problems, and help them discover just the right software that is already in the marketplace. When I heard you mention #4 in your list of business ideas, I had to come on and comment.

I have read few ideas and interestingly all that one hidden desire in common - WHAT IF ALL MY WORKS WERE DONE BY SOMEBODY!! ( I would love to talk to you about what you are thinking in that area. Saying how you feel on a t-shirt/interchangeable - so many shirts, but why can't we just have a couple with a changing message (and not LCD screens on the shirts either...) 3.

Also, I'm a geek to the core, being centered in UX and IT, you tell me how smart you want your home and I can map that all out for you. People who hate packing for vacations - you go to the hotel, and there are local stores who have their clothes in the closet, you pay for what you want, or leave what you don't. Migraine relief without pills - I'm working on this currently, stay tuned for SWIPE 4. Medical Discovery Consultant - I have been sick for most of my life, and have helped others find things about their genetics, and other disorders that are not commonly picked up by Western Medicine..

The podcast is amazing so far and I can't wait to hear more! I like your point about not to just look at trends and go there. In a future episode maybe you can dive deeper into the development of the idea especially for example, if you want to create an app but you're not a programmer, or a fashion idea but you're not a designer, etc.

We all need to pick ideas that resonate with our values and personality, otherwise when the going get tough -which it will - our dedication could waver. How do we source the people who can make it happen would be great to explore.

I come up with ideas like this often yet don't know how to make the solution a tangible thing. I'm sure their is some real genius from the ideas I get while driving (that is more effective than the shower for me) On a side note- I could be your solve on having someone shop for you ( or even create) fashion. As the life of the party my clients give themselves permission and courage to laugh, dance and play! During a long car ride when I picked up the crushed dirty cardboard tissue box from the floor I had the idea of soft packaging for full size tissues that could easily fit in car door storage. I spent about a half hour brainstorming with my family and then realized that although I'd like to have this I have zero interest in pursuing it.

But who know maybe later I will have the skills or connections to get it going.... So basically if you want a fashion consultant/designer for social senerios, parties or festivals in your girl! Lo and behold I found this in a store about a year later. I wanted to help with your business idea number 6: clothes shopping for you.

Entrepreneurs find a pain-point and create a solution, while wantrepreneurs find the most up-to-date market trend, jump in and hope to make money from it.

These are some great examples of businesses that solve a problem for themselves: Here's my answer: You don't for now.


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