How To Help Someone With A Speech Impediment

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Because speech therapy has helped, and my communication skills have improved. You might wonder what the best (or most politically correct) way to talk to someone is when they stammer or lisp or are just plain hard to make out. (1) Remember, it’s only the speech that’s impaired.There are millions who have trouble speaking without any other disabilities or troubles.Some people might mock Asians, specifically Chinese, for not being able to pronounce the English word “broccoli” correctly- rather pronouncing it “browccoli”. It’s actually due to the fact that Mandarin (Chinese) words can have an “r” sound in the beginning of a word, but not in the middle or end of a word.

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Remember when you were a child and spoke by making your “R’s” sound like “W’s” and everything thought it was cute?

That’s known as rhotacism and some people live with it even as adults. This article will answer all your doubts about rhotacism. Sometimes people mistake these speech impediments for a lisp, of which they are not.

Speech-language pathologists don’t consider “speech impediment” to be a particularly helpful word, though.

Speech is very complicated, and many skills need to “Speech includes how we pronounce or articulate the sounds in words, the quality of our voice, and the fluency or smoothness of delivery,” says to Melanie Potock, a pediatric speech pathologist, a feeding specialist, and the author of Dysfluencies in language – such as stuttering or repeating words or starting sentences over – may be a part of typical speech development as toddlers learn to produce these sounds.

Everyone else suffers from some type of speech disorder or another.

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For children of any language, the is often more difficult because a child has to learn the different combination of the /r/ sounds, not just the letter itself, unlike other letters.

Stuttering comes with its own subset of concerns; a stutterer may come off as nervous or exceptionally shy. Sometimes I will think I got a sentence out right, but I didn’t. It is tempting to play armchair speech therapist and say “slow down” or “take a deep breath”; this does not actually help, and often only makes the person nervous, which aggravates the problem. Verbal communication is augmented by visual communication; the way we stand and gesture says as much as our words.

Everyone wants to be heard and understood, so if you didn’t catch what someone with a speech impediment said, let them know so they can make their point. On the telephone, someone with a speech impediment is reduced to their weakest element.

If an employee raises these sorts of concerns, take them seriously; you may be able to find a way to facilitate communication.

But, again, do not assume; many people with speech impediments enjoy talking and interfacing, even by phone.


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