How To Solve Global Warming Problems

How To Solve Global Warming Problems-75
As we approach 2° Celsius (3.6° Fahrenheit) of global warming-caused heat increase, 1.5 billion people will be exposed to heat waves each year.At a 3° Celsius (5.4° Fahrenheit) increase, the number of heat wave exposures triples to 4.5 billion.

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These large-scale changes are now happening over frighteningly shorter time periods, such as decades!

It's important to understand how increasing heat will affect us personally.

There is also a huge danger for the countries with the most forests.

Particularly those countries above or near the 45th parallel north such as Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Deforestation of rain forests is a large contributor to global warming and CO2 emissions, but planting new trees, even in your own backyard, can help to offset this.

(See References 3) The production of garbage contributes to global warming both directly and indirectly.Reducing your consumption patterns and reusing items whenever possible minimizes your carbon footprint, since fewer new items need to be made.Recycling metal, plastic, glass and paper lowers greenhouse gas emissions, since recycled items take far less energy to manufacture than items produced from scratch.(See References 4) Cities consume significant amounts of energy when purifying and distributing water, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. At home, turn off water immediately whenever you're not using it, and repair or replace leaky faucets and toilets.In your yard, landscape with plants and grasses that require less water, and capture rainwater in barrels for irrigating.(See References 1) At home, this translates to saving electricity by using energy-efficient appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs, as well as reducing gasoline use and buying green power from your electricity provider, if available.(See References 2) Because carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas, planting trees and other plants can slow or stop global warming. They use carbon to build their own tissues and return some of it to the soil in a process called sequestration.Decomposing waste in landfills produces methane and other greenhouse gases.Waste also requires energy to manufacture in the first place.This carbon and methane pollution process traps more of the sun’s solar energy in the form of heat inside our atmosphere.This increased atmospheric heat means more heat waves and many more 100 -degree days annually.


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