How To Solve Travelling Salesman Problem

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You can also add cities to maps created by the “Place” button by clicking in the map.

The travelling salesman problem is usually formulated in terms of minimising the path length to visit all of the cities, but the process of simulated annealing works just as well with a goal of maximising the length of the itinerary.

If you change the goal in the drop-down list from “Minimise” to “Maximise”, the cost function being optimised will be the negative of the path length, resulting in a search for the longest path.

If negative, the modified path is shorter than the original path and always replaces it.

If there is an increase in cost, however, the exponential of its negative magnitude divided by the current temperature is compared to a uniformly distributed random number between 0 and 1 and, if greater, the modified path will be used even though it increased the cost.


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