How To Write A Analysis Essay

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After reviewing a text, or watching a movie or keenly analyzing a piece of art and taking notes, the next step is to identify the main problems or patterns that emerge from the notes.

While noting the important aspects, certain issues or points are bound to emerge and stand out.

If, for example, the topic under study is “the use of ethnic music by mainstream musicians” the outline should be as shown below: The Use of Ethnic Music by Mainstream Musicians Introduction An introduction provides a description of the topic under study.

While some students like providing a lot of information in the introduction, it is advisable to be brief and direct.

However, before tackling these sections, it is important first to develop an outline for a critical essay.

Critical essay outlining is essential because it provides students with a step by step guide to developing their essay.At this point, the writer should be developing their thesis statement and have their perspective clearly outlined.Critical Essay writing is heavily dependent on how much research an individual does.While reading the text, or watching the movie, it is important to note the important concepts and ideas that an author or director or painter decided to incorporate within their work.The important points or aspects can indeed be overwhelming, and it is thus essential to ensure none will skip or escape the writer’s mind.In some instances, students make the mistake of depending on their primary source to write their critical essay.Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, it is always advisable to find other sources to help expand and increase the essay’s depth in content.The above is of great importance, especially to students who think that critical essays are supposed to focus on the negative aspects of a subject.The goal or purpose of a critical essay is to provide readers with an explanation or an interpretation of a specific idea or concept that an author, a painter or director included in their work.It is important to find genuine sources which offer reliable and accurate information lest one’s essay is filled with lies and inaccurate information.Just like how one is advised to take notes while reading or watching the primary source, it is also essential to take notes while going through the secondary sources.


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