How To Write Good Essay

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This is something you need to vary while interpreting topics: make sure you are on the lookout for minor details and you can understand the subtle nuances that these topics contain.

This is the final part of the jigsaw and once you have this in place, you have solved the puzzle for writing effective essays.

Your interpretation of the topic is based on your familiarity with the topic as well as on the wording itself.

For example, consider this topic: Corruption- a necessary evil? A simple change in the punctuation has changed the implication of the topic itself.

In fact, someone has rightly said "Many B schools (including IIMs) have replaced the GD with a WAT (Written Aptitude Test)/Essay Writing test.

Others have added the WAT to their existing processes.Plagiarism is a major concern and it is easy to do without meaning to.It's simple to forget where your ideas start and someone else's end.Generally, time given ranges from 10 to 40 minutes and the word limit is between 100-500 words. It gives an insight into an individual's ability to express.It gives the reader an idea about the person's attitude, aptitude, and vision.Essays require you to demonstrate that you understand the question asked, issues involved and that you possess the required knowledge quotient.Essays also allow you to demonstrate your analytical thinking and force a deep and powerful form of learning to take place for both the author as well as the reader.This free guide sets out the basics for writing your first essay.If you are looking for something more in-depth or subject specific then we also have a range of guides in our "How To Write" section: The basis of most academic work is the ability to construct a good essay.Infact, the purpose of an essay is to evaluate the following aspects of one's personality: In its most basic and traditional form, an essay has three elemental parts: introduction, body and conclusion.Each of these parts has a specific purpose which means the reader will be looking for expected features.


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